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A time-tested, interactive, hands-on
Train the Trainer Program

Our internationally acclaimed Train the Trainer program has been top-rated by clients in the United States and abroad. (testimonials here)

We help you to transition from  traditional lecture-based, instructor-centered training...

... to a dynamic, participant-centered, multi-sensory learning format that has been proven to dramatically accelerate learners' acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Click Train the Trainer Topics for a detailed topic outline in a printable PDF format.

From Los Angeles to New York, the program can be customized exactly to your needs and delivered onsite anywhere in the United States. Or you can attend one of our public courses.

International requests are also welcomed as we occasionally offer public workshops in other countries.

You can expect RESULTS as you apply our accelerated learning methodology in your own training programs:

  • Soaring Retention and Recall: Learners significantly increase ability to remember information. Up to 90% retention or more is possible (versus 5-30% with traditional methods).

  • Enhanced Comprehension: Learners improve comprehension of course materials and remain focused and attentive throughout the training program.

  • Rapid Learning: Training cycle can be shortened since learners assimilate information faster.

  • Increased Application of Skills: When employees learn fast, effortlessly, and can readily access information and knowledge from long-term memory, skills are easy to apply on the job after the training.

  • Resistance Melts Away: Resistant and difficult participants turn into constructive contributors, positive team-players, and sometimes the greatest advocates for a training program.

  • Re-energized Training Staff: Trainer burn-out will be a thing of the past. Both new and senior trainers will return to work with renewed confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm for their profession.

How do we do it?

  1. First: Showing trainers how to get real buy-in from participants, overcome learning barriers, put learners in a resourceful state, and set the stage for success by the power of suggestion..

  2. Secondly: Teaching trainers how to orchestrate a dynamic training environment, choosing and sequencing activities and structuring a program so that each participant learns continuously and effortlessly through the 6 Phases of Training.

  3. Thirdly: Showing trainers how to facilitate the transfer of information from short-term memory to long-term memory for permanent access back on the job.

As one participant expressed:

"Empowering for myself and others. Learned a tremendous amount without forcing myself to learn." (more testimonials here)

Get more information about this program by visiting: In-house trainer workshop for companies and organizations looking for customized, onsite programs, or visit our public trainer course if you're an independent training professional or a small corporate group of 3 or less.

We can customize both the Train the Trainer workshop and the Presentation Skills program, do a combination of both if needed, and deliver them anywhere in the United States, including Denver and Las Vegas. You can contact us via email or by phone:

"We can honestly say that workshops by Training for Excellence are giant steps ahead of other train the trainer programs we've attended. Donna's in-depth understanding and skills are totally liberating and empowering. Our confidence level has taken a huge leap forward."

W. Chase, President,
Chase Marketing Service, Montana

Accelerated Learning is at the core of our methodology. Those responsible for ROI in training will be thrilled to observe the profound impact Accelerated Learning can have on learners. Our programs adopt unique and powerful aspects of Accelerated Learning and propel corporate education to a new level of excellence.

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training


"As a result of standardizing our training curriculum and putting the LDAs through your train the trainer program, which emphasized both design elements and excellence in delivery, we have experienced a 40% growth in our production over last year."

Gerry Heiple
Former VP,
Foresters (2003)

See more Train the Trainer testimonials here


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