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"Empowering for myself and others. Learned a tremendous amount without forcing myself to learn."

Lubna Saleem, Calgary
Mennonite Centre for


"Worthwhile, energizing, very "user-friendly" with positive results.

Peggy Moore, Vermilion, AB

"Fantastic and very necessary."

Laurette Reimer, Community Learning Network conference, Calgary, AB



Employee Performance Training

Many employees in the corporate world struggle to process, remember, and apply new information received in professional development training.

You can make your training dollars pay off by arming your employees with essential learning tools they can take straight to the workplace. Across the United States, our programs offer a highly interactive approach to help employees retain the tools they learn. Our soft skills training will:

  1. Increase their comprehension and retention of information
  2. Increase their overall productivity and effectiveness on the job.
  3. Increase their energy and sense of well-being ( and prevent burn-out)
  4. Improve their communication skills.

"Boost Your Brain Power in 5 minutes or Less! Guaranteed!"

In this highly interactive program, employees will:

  • Use Brain Gym® to decrease stress levels
  • Experience the powerful effect of "state changes"
  • Discover 5 important tips for optimal mind functioning
  • Leave with practical brain-compatible strategies that will make thinking and working much easier

Employees will learn how to:

  • Minimize stress and information overload
  • Gain energy throughout the day whenever they need it
  • Boost their brain power and mental abilities

"How to Effectively Deal with Information Overload and Sharpen Your Memory"

Since employees are constantly being asked to remember more and more information in a shorter span of time, this program focuses on proven strategies to make information stick.

They will:

  • Use a memory-recall formula that gives them maximum retention
  • Learn how their emotions are positively and negatively linked to their memory
  • Use a variety of easy-to-use memory systems that get results
  • Use a note-taking and note-making technique that enhances comprehension and organizational skills

"The Lost Art of Listening-How Being a Good Listener Can Get You Exactly What You Want!"

This program helps employees understand that good listening skills are a key component to effective communication--and that effective communication leads to less work stress and increased productivity.

Topics discussed include:

  • Four key elements of good listening
  • How a difference in listening modes might act as barriers to communication

How employees can:

  • Get rid of bad listening habits
  • Become "whole-body" listeners
  • Help others listen to them
  • Build rapport with people and get what they want!

"How To Make Sure What You Say Has An Impact And Is Remembered "

Employees will:

  • Learn to use voice and body language to enhance communication
  • Learn to communicate clearly, and to different types of people
  • Learn how to sequence information for enhanced impact
  • Learn what to include, and what to leave out
  • Learn a simple, proven formula for making information "stick" for lasting effect
  • Discover effective ways of using visuals and colors when completing projects or giving presentations

The training format is interactive, hands-on, enjoyable, and packed with valuable take-aways--skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

Our Employee Performance Training programs can be customized to meet your company's specific needs. The programs can be held anywhere in the United States, including major conference hubs such as Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston.

Contact us today for questions, or to book a program, via info@wetrain.biz or phone: 1-800-697-9910

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