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"Creating Training Miracles "

Studies suggest that retention of information in a typical training can be less than 10%. After 30 days, 80% more is lost if not reviewed. That's less than 2% retention after a month following a training.

What if students/employees could retain up to 90% of your training content, with less time and less effort?

Our results-driven and time-tested Train the Trainer workshop will help you transform your training programs into multi-layered, interactive, completely efficient and energizing learning experiences for your participants.

“Eye-opening and mind-altering. Scientifically proven learning strategies that dramatically increase retention using strategies and techniques that debunk traditional training and are far more effective. Far more enjoyable way of learning. The antithesis of Death by PowerPoint.”

-- Chris Jones
President of Leadersharp Inc.

The workshop is founded on cutting-edge brain research, learning styles, left/right brain strategies, physiology and emotions in learning, neuro-linguistic programming, and many other basic and advanced techniques for both beginning and experienced trainers.

Our thinking-outside-the-box training meets the accelerated demands of today's learners where information must be effectively prioritized and quickly assimilated and integrated to improve performance.

The course content is packaged in an easy-to-use, practical format that yields instant results when implemented in literally any training situation.

Regardless of your past experience or industry focus, expect a new paradigm and a truly transformational workshop that will equip you with tools and skills to conduct your own ground-breaking and results-driven training programs.

Click Train the Trainer Topics for a detailed workshop outline in a printable PDF format.

Or read what past clients are saying about our workshop.

"I learned more practical skills in Donna's 2-day training than I did in my 2-year certification training in Adult Learning."

-- Debra Ritchie
Training Specialist

We customize your in-house program (no additional cost) and deliver it at your preferred location anywhere in the United States. We also cater to company events held in major conference hubs around the country, including Phoenix and Chicago.

Additionally, we collaborate with international training and event organizations to offer public workshops in other countries, as well as in the United States.

Call 1-800-697-9910 or email us for more information, or to request a proposal for your in-house workshop.

When you attend one of our Train the Trainer workshops, you can expect immediate results:

  • Retention of information could increase up to 90%, or more. This is possible to achieve with your learners when using brain-compatible training and presentation techniques.

  • Learners’ comprehension of information improves. The Accelerated Learning tools we use, and how we orchestrate the classroom leads to significant increase in students' ability to understand and assimilate even complex information.

  • Time-to-competency speeds up. Learners advance through the training program faster.

  • The learning environment is fun, collaborative, and stimulating. Adult learners appreciate training that is both challenging and enjoyable, free of the common stress factors that tend to shut down learning.

You can download the Train the Trainer workshop topic outline by clicking here. We customize all onsite workshops to align with your needs and requirements, including length and topics covered.

The Train the Trainer workshop is tailored for both new and experienced trainers. Everyone in the training profession, including training managers and coordinators, will reap benefits from attending. We can almost guarantee that regardless of your experience level, you will discover new and fresh ideas packaged in a way that you've never seen before. Expect a paradigm shift.

We offer both onsite and public Train the Trainer courses.

Bottom line: If your goal is to achieve superior learning RESULTS, then contact us now by calling 1-800-697-9910 or email info@wetrain.biz

To see a detailed topic list of the Train the Trainer workshop, click on this link: Workshop Topic List. The file is formatted in PDF for easy printing to share with colleagues, managers, and decision-makers.

Testimonial from a Train the Trainer Workshop in Palm Springs, California

"Donna was chosen over many candidates for her knowledge of adult learning, outstanding presentation skills and most importantly her ability to demonstrate adult learning principles. She used cutting-edge learning theories, and activities that demonstrated those theories, which made the workshop a huge success. We now have a staff of L& D Associates who can facilitate a consistent learning experience. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this training. It was clearly time and money well-spent."

Steven Neifeld, Manager
US Learning & Development
Foresters, Atlanta, Georgia

You can read more about our Train the Trainer Classes to better understand the numerous benefits you'll enjoy by attending. For example, we tailor the class to your needs. The curriculum will be custom-designed after we conduct an interview and collect information from relevant stakeholders.

Each Train the Trainer Class is a unique experience and your trainers will find incredible synergy as they work together in a team oriented environment. Team cohesion occurs naturally and will benefit the trainers as they collaborate after the training.

Call 1-800-697-9910 or email us for more information.

Train The Trainer Classes

Train The Trainer Classes

Presentation Skills Workshop

From a Train the Trainer Workshop in Alaska

"My staff can't wait to start implementing the valuable strategies and tools that you shared with us for designing and facilitating training. The whole team, including myself, are re-energized and excited about our future training sessions."

--Patsy Westcott
UI Program Coordinator, Alaska Department of Labor

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